Massages to Hotels Madrid

Erotic massages in Madrid


From 200€ + Taxi

Massage service to hotels, enjoy any of our erotic massages with one or two masseuses, we move to the comfort and privacy of your hotel room so you can experience an unforgettable massage.

Enjoy a massage in your ideal hotel after a long day, our beautiful masseuses will please you with a session of relaxation and eroticism, which will make you discover the most intense pleasure.

Is there anything better than getting a massage after a long day? Masajes Verónica offers massages in hotels in Madrid where you can enjoy a relaxing session with a touch of pleasure. You can enjoy any of our services without having to go anywhere. We do everything for you to go straight to your room and make this experience as comfortable and intimate as possible.


Erotic massages in hotels Madrid

You will have the opportunity to choose between one or two masseuses, and choose among the precious ones that offer these practices the one that best suits your tastes. Through different movements applied by our masseuses, they can activate the desire and passion to reach the climax. In the sessions, oils and fragrances are usually added to help improve the atmosphere and increase the relaxation of people.

If we choose a masseuse we will have the opportunity to receive massages such as tantric massage which is characterised by being one of the most intimate and seeks to provide a physical and energetic connection; or nuru where a special type of oil is applied so that the masseuse uses his whole body with the aim of stimulating as much as possible.


Erotic masseuses in your hotel in Madrid

If we prefer two masseuses we can choose the four hands massage where two of our girls will apply their techniques to help the client reach total relaxation. In this case, the pleasure is much greater and more intense, which is why it is one of the most popular.

Erotic massages in hotels serve as a body stimulation technique which is based on eliminating pain and discomfort from the body with the application of pressure on key points. In addition, as we have already mentioned, it provides intense pleasure to the individual or couple. Because who says we can’t enjoy ourselves with our better half?





Relax and enjoy your Nuru moment!

The most sensual and oriental erotic massages in Madrid.

Tantric massages

Massages are a source of incredible pleasure. It works your muscles to convey you to a state of total relaxation. Erotic centres are very important and help give a person everything they need. Although this type of massage will help you relax, it’ll also excite you, as our masseuses stimulate very sensitive areas of your body and help relieve tension points.

Take care of your mind with our erotic masseuses

It’s important to take care of your mind. A good way to stay healthy and get away from daily worries is to unburden your mind and find pleasure in an erotic massage.

We have stimulus receptors all over the body, and they’re connected to each other. A full-body erotic massage helps us achieve total relaxation of the body.

Reactivate your erotic pleasure

It’s also important to work on your sexual pleasures, so the benefits of erotic massages are enormous. They help us rediscover our sexual desire and reactivate our pleasure points.