The Four-Hand Massage is a massage in which two of our masseuses work on you at the same time and give you a very sensual massage all over your body. With the four-hand massage you’ll be enveloped in a wonderful sensation and you’ll have a great experience.
The four-hand massage is a very erotic and sensual massage. It won’t disappoint. Enjoying two of our beautiful masseuses massaging you at the same time is an amazing experience and, when the girls work together in synch, it’s an even more sensual experience. There are many reasons to try this massage: perhaps you’re feeling stressed, under too much pressure at work, you need to relax or you just want a little more fun and pleasure in your life. Whatever the reason, a four-hand massage performed by our masseuses will be among the most arousing experiences any client can have
While one of our masseuses works on one part of your body with sensual movements and caresses, the other masseuse will work on a different part of your body. Our masseuses are passionate about what they do and they ensure that the massage session is as seductive and sensual as possible. What’s more, our rooms are specially fitted out to be comfortable and relaxing, with slow, sensual music and soft lighting to improve the massage experience.
It’s this level of professionalism and experience that keeps so many clients coming back to enjoy this experience with us.