The best erotic massages in Madrid

Benefits of an Erotic Massage

Do you know they key to a good erotic massage? The way to enjoy a good massage is body-to-body contact, focusing on his erogenous zones as well as hers. It’s also very important that it’s very sensual and loving. The main point of erotic massages is to relax and...

Tantric Massages Madrid

Are you looking for a place to relax and disconnect from your daily routine? Look no further, Masajes Verónica is the place you were looking for. Add it to your list of favourite places and come and enjoy real Tantric Massages in Madrid. We want to combine tantra and...

Erotic masseuses in Madrid

Are you looking for a sensual, relaxing, exciting and mysterious massage? Look no further. At Verónica massages, we have the best and most qualified erotic masseuses in Madrid, experts in fulfilling your dreams and desires. Our erotic massages will ensure you enjoy...

Body-to-Body Massage

Tired after a stressful and exhausting week? Do you need to relax and forget about the bad moments of the week? Look no further, at Masajes Verónica we’ll ensure you forget your daily routine, our erotic masseuses in Madrid will make your...

Lingam Massage Madrid

Would you like to enjoy an authentic Lingam Massage? Don’t hesitate, come to Masajes Verónica in Madrid and discover this wonderful massage. A lingam massage is an erotic massage that focuses on men’s erogenous zone, allowing them to experience his most sensitive side...

Four-Hand Massage Madrid

The Four-Hand Massage is a massage in which two of our masseuses work on you at the same time and give you a very sensual massage all over your body. With the four-hand massage you’ll be enveloped in a wonderful sensation and you’ll have a great experience. The...

Fetish Massage in Madrid

A fetish is an infinitely sensual pleasure. Fetishism is for those who have a passion for specific objects. Everyone finds arousal in their own way and people with fetishes are attracted to objects or parts of the body such as feet. Fetish massages give you an...

Massage in Plaza España, Princesa

Masajes Verónica is an erotic massage centre located in Calle Princesa, very near Plaza España. We specialise in all kinds of erotic massages: body-to-body, sensitive, tantra, soapy, Thai, four-hand, etc. We also have a hotel massage service. Find erotic massages in...

Sexual Fantasies

Everybody has sexual fantasies. It’s very healthy and contributes to good sexual health. Even if you have a partner, sharing these fantasies with your partner and making them come true can rekindle the passion that your routine slowly diminishes. There are many kinds...

Relax and enjoy your Nuru moment!

The most sensual and oriental erotic massages that exist in Madrid.


Massages are a source of incredible pleasure. It works your muscles to convey you to a state of total relaxation. Erotic centres are very important and help give a person everything they need. Although this type of massage will help you relax, it’ll also excite you, as our masseuses stimulate very sensitive areas of your body and help relieve tension points.

Take care of your mind with our erotic masseuses

It’s important to take care of your mind. A good way to stay healthy and get away from daily worries is to unburden your mind and find pleasure in an erotic massage.

We have stimulus receptors all over the body, and they’re connected to each other. A full-body erotic massage helps us achieve total relaxation of the body.

Reactivate your erotic pleasure

It’s also important to work on your sexual pleasures, so the benefits of erotic massages are enormous. They help us rediscover our sexual desire and reactivate our pleasure points.