Do you know they key to a good erotic massage? The way to enjoy a good massage is body-to-body contact, focusing on his erogenous zones as well as hers. It’s also very important that it’s very sensual and loving.

The main point of erotic massages is to relax and stimulate both partners’ sexual energy, thus successfully improving lovemaking and reducing premature ejaculation.

Here we are going to tell you about the benefits of having a good erotic massage. Before you begin, you should know that erotic massages must be given in comfortable, sensual and very quiet situations and places.

1 – With erotic massages there’s no risk of contracting diseases, there must be good hygiene and everything has to be clean, so you can relax and enjoy it to the full.

2 – Erotic massages help improve personal development both mentally and physically. We will get to know our body better and discover the calm and sensual element of our body we didn’t know before, and then put it into practice in future relationships.

3 – The erotic massage sessions will help you delay ejaculation so you can think about enjoying yourself and not about whether or not you’ll climax.

4 – After several erotic massage sessions you’ll learn to touch your partner’s body, to have a special contact, you’ll learn to offer sensuality and know where you have to touch to make your partner happy.

5 – Get rid of stress! Disconnect from work and everyday life. Forget your problems and learn to relax with erotic massages in Madrid. Breathe, relax and disconnect from everything.